Helping my fellow Artists & Brand-Creators Shine Online

WebsiteBespoke starter website you'll want to update
EmailOn-brand email you'll want to send securely from
Social FriendlyShort links you'll want to share
AnalyticsSimple Cookie-less service you'll want to track

My speciality is setting up a nascent brand for success on a modern website builder platform, so when you feel you've learnt enough from my transparent build & maintenance processes, you can takeover an affordable website.

DIY (Basic 1.0)πŸ“±Agency (Basic 2.0) πŸ’»Moderner πŸ’Ž
WebsiteUgh I give up on figuring out Squarespace, just find us at built us a custom WordPress site from scratch... I have absolutely no idea how to update a link on the homepage!Bespoke Moderner Website, but on a simple Website Builder platform like Carrd you can easily edit
EmailUgh going to spam! Just get me at myco@gmail.comThey're hosting our email server for $20/mo. That's good value right? πŸ˜‡ Sent securely via ProtonMail
Social FriendlyGot a bio link for the gram. I think the only thing people are clicking on is the LinkTree logo.Cross-posting my links to ALL the socials... except no one's clicking on them!Branded for short, clickable social links with custom sharing cards!
AnalyticsFacebook told me I could potentially reach 10 million people with my ad. It got 10 clicks.I can spy on my customers in Google Analytics 🦹... but how many views have I got? No idea!πŸ˜‡Simple Weekly Email Reports